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He is signed to Independent Gospel label PMG-Power Music Group founded by Donald Williams aka HEAVY.He recently released the song "Living My Life" (August 2nd) which is currently starting to make waves and is streaming all across Peru, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Columbia and the United Kingdom. Josh B’s "Living My Life" is generating more than 300 + streams every week 26 year old Josh B is coming out of​ Birmingham,AL, where he was born and raised. A dedicated youth leader, actively involved in Living Church Ministries International with an exciting and inspiring story of his walk leading to his growing success and impactful rap ministry.


For years he had been promoting gospel rappers and working behind the scenes.However, his DJ (Dj Rick Nasty) and Producer (Ray X) gave him the opportunity to share his gift, even before he realized it himself.
GOD validated Josh B’s calling while he was blessing the younger generation at events! Josh says “This journey has been a road of finding my true inner self...(and) reaching that next phase of my life”.
His Ministry is a blessing to experience in person. Josh B is available to be booked for events and to attend interviews at TV and radio stations.

May God continue to bless this gifted rapper!

“My passion is saving souls and ministering to the younger generation” -Josh B

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