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//AKA DJ Rick

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Rickey Samuel, Jr. is the son of Pastor, Rickey Samuel, Sr. and Cadeshia Samuel, of Kingdom Connection based in Birmingham, AL. He discovered a love and passion for music at a very young age, beating on pots and pans to express rhythmic patterns. As a young boy he would practice playing the drums after church services in hope of some day becoming the official church drummer. This dream was realized at the age of 13 as Pastor Michael D. McClure, Sr. of Revelation Church Ministries gave a young, ambitious, and inexperienced believer a chance to live out his dream. Young Rickey, often referred to as “Lil Rick” or “Junior”, developed a passion for sound and video as he operated cameras, mixing boards, lights, computers, and various sound equipment within the church from the age of 13 to 19. He has gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge about production, sound quality, and video presentation, along with band and instrumentation experience, playing alongside high level professional musicians.


A love for software, production and DJing began to develop after going through basic training and technical school to join the Air Force Reserve as a Structural Civil Engineer. Self-taught, Rickey Samuel built valuable skills on the boards and on the computer, making trap and R&B influenced beats as well as sampling and mixing records.


Rickey Samuel is currently an upperclassman at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, studying Information Systems and minoring in Music Technology. Continuing to demonstrate his passion for music, he participated with the UAB Gospel Choir, the UAB Marching Band, the UAB Concert Band, and the UAB Percussion Ensemble to put together versatile performances. This experience greatly added to his musical ability and further help realize a passion that has always lied within for music.


Rickey Samuel, Jr. performs under the stage name DJ Rick Nicety under UAB Student Media and Blaze Radio. As a Blaze Radio DJ, the musical talent is demonstrated and helps to spread joy and good energy amongst the students and faculty on campus at various events held by campus departments. His participation with the Power Music Group helps to bring a diverse set of skills to the group and his passion for Christ and people has led him to become a huge advocate of the peace and joy GOD’s love brings!



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