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//AKA God's Gift

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Turtle aka Gods Gift was born Kevin Rashad Murray. He is a gospel rapper for the Lord and loves reppin’ for the Kingdom of GOD. Gods Gift and his two younger brothers who were raised without a father but with a hard working mother to provide for them. Gods Gift had no one to teach him how to be a man so he learned from the streets.


He joined the gang(Bloods) in the 6th grade and started selling drugs in the 9th grade. One year after high school his baby girl was born and he wanted to change his life to raise his daughter right. During his quest to change, one of his close friends betrayed him and Kevin was forced to defend himself by shooting three other foes and faced 25 years to life for 2 attempted murder charges. He plead guilty and the judge sentenced him to 3 years supervised probation along with other fees to pay for. Kevin has successfully come off probation (1/04/10) and now enjoys the freedom to serve GOD fully with all of his heart through the gospel rap ministry.


He is ½ of the legendary ROCK BOYS and his hit song “Praise On A Million” has been blasting through the speakers. He is currently signed as an Independent Artist with Power Musi Group.



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